Are you experiencing these symptoms post infection or injection?


Covid Long Haul Program Consultation

Symptoms you may be experiencing (but are not limited to):

*Abnormal menstruation or low
*Difficulty breathing or recurrent 
*Changes in hair, smell or vision
*Chest pains or dizziness
*Cognitive decline
*Prolonged fatigue
*Skin reactions
*Anxiety & depression
*Relapsing viral illnesses
*Tremors, numbness or tingling
*Aggressive cancer: new or

Covid Long Haul Program

Ready to address the root issues affecting you post injection or infection? This 90 day program includes:


Three, one-on-one provider consultations where we will discuss your health symptoms & initiate personalized therapies.

Lab Work

An initial blood lab panel specifically designed to investigate underlying health issues.


A 10% discount applied
on any provider-recommended supplements & products available in the MINDSET Wellness Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a "consultation"?

You will have access to a one-on-one healthcare provider appointment for three medical visits, approximately one visit every 30 days.

Can my blood work be customized?

Yes. After the initial lab panel is drawn, additional labs discussed between you & your health provider may be ordered at a separate cost from the program.

What if I want an extra appointment?

Additional appointments are available beyond the program's initial three visits & will be billed separately from the program.

How long will the supplement discount last?

You will receive the 10% discount for six months.

What if I am not certain this program fits my needs?

Great question! You may call our onboarding specialist to see if this program is right for you. 918-600-2240.

How much does the program cost?

The total 90-day program is available in three payments of $349 each.

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