Dr. Meehan is available for appointments! 

   If this is an emergency, call 911. 

Seeking Immune Support and an Rx available within
24-36 hours?
Request Level 3 Service listed below and follow the instructions. 

CURRENT PATIENTS: If you are SICK, please send a message to Mandi S. through your patient portal. If this is an emergency, call 911.
(All other non-emergent appointments can be scheduled via your Charm Patient Portal.)

To request an appointment, please read the services listed below, then follow the instructions to request an appointment: (For best results, use a computer and not a cell phone. Some phones are not compatible.)


Immune Support -  Preventive Rx $97
(Prescriptions typically available within 24-36 hours.)  

1. Healthcare Provider reviews your medical records - Because you have provided the clinician with an accurate and complete medical intake, they are able to determine the best course of action after reviewing your file. The healthcare provider may contact you if they have further questions.
2. Quick - A healthcare provider can process your file in a more timely manner to expedite your prescription.
3. Please be aware that if you have any specific questions about medications, concerns about treatment or questions about your medical condition(s) a Level 1 consult may be a better choice for you. (See Level 1 below)  Any follow up to a Level 3 asynchronous consult will require an additional consultation with an additional fee.
4. Patients under the age of 18 require a Level 1 appointment. 

Immune Support -  Provider Consultation $197
1.Talk to a Healthcare Provider - If you have questions or concerns about your course of action, including the best medication for you, or if you would like to talk to the healthcare provider about specific medications then this synchronous visit type might be best for you. 

Mask Evaluation (In Person Only) - $397
Actual data monitored and accumulated while masked regarding pulse, heart rate, CO2 accumulation, etc. during rest and exertion.

Vaccine Consult (Excludes CA) - $397 
Discussion with Health Provider regarding the risks, benefits and alternatives to vaccination.  This consultation is suggested for people at risk for adverse reactions. 

New Hormone Optimization Therapy - $397
Hormone Optimization Therapy is used to replicate the body's natural hormone levels. Dr. Meehan firmly encourages therapies which mimic a youthful, healthy hormone pattern and structure to optimize your health. Labs and therapies are additional costs.

New Recovery - $250
Recovery Patients begin a health & wellness journey with Dr. Meehan using the growth mindset that says, “My body has an amazing potential to heal, I just need to give it the right environment and resources to do so.” Dr. Meehan’s success in helping patients conquer addiction is phenomenal. In person only.

*Prices are subject to change at any time*

Instructions to Request An Appointment:

1. Select a SERVICE type: (after reading through these steps, scroll down to get started)
For Example: * Immune Support - Level 3: Prevention

2. Select a time slot: 
To register in the system, a date must be selected.  Please note that the date you select is only a place holder to notify us of your appointment request.  You may have to go out 8-10 weeks or more to find a date to get into the system.  You will be notified by one of our team members to select your actual appointment date and time once your medical information has been collected.
*Level 3 consults can generally be done in 24-36 hours after receipt of your New Patient Forms.

3. Once the office receives your Appointment Request, a scheduler will send you an email (from CatalystMD) with a link to (1) register your patient portal and (2) complete your New Patient Form Questionnaire. 


5. You will be notified by email, once we have your completed New Patient Forms, for a confirmation of your Appointment Date and Time. 

           Please scroll down to get started.