Hello! I'm Jim Meehan MD

My passion and purpose is to help you understand how our bodies are designed to heal and obtain optimal functionality.

I am a physician, accomplished leader, and entrepreneur who provides innovative science and solutions that adhere to open, honest, transparent, and uncompromisingly patient-centered principles.

My team and I invite you to learn as we provide and present material that you can understand so you can become the scientist of your own health.

My Journey

From high school in Tulsa, OK, to my appointment to West Point Military Academy in New York, and back to Oklahoma for medical school, I ultimately landed my dream residency at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO, a top-ten ranked ophthalmology residency program.

- Chief resident of the John Cochran VA medical center
- Associate editor for the “Journal of Ocular Immunology and Inflammation.”

Early Career

Early in my career as a top eye surgeon (ophthalmologist), I recognized how so many people were suffering from chronic diseases that were mistreated, mismanaged, and often made worse by the “pill for every ill” medical model.

I discovered just how much the pharmaceutical and medical industries were profiting at the cost of patients’ health. It was apparent that keeping people sick was the motive of the medical industry and I had to do my part to change that system.

The Problem

As a physician and surgeon, I was often treating diseases with surgery that if given preventative care could have possibly been avoided. I also encountered my own personal health struggle, more than15 years ago, and had to resort to my own research to unravel my symptoms, misdiagnosis and find a solution.

I realized the need to advance my medical training in functional medicine, immunology and interventional endocrinology. Through my accumulation of research and patient experience over the years, I created a proven protocol, The Meehan MINDSET™, to help patients reclaim their health.

The Solution

Optimizing hormones and losing unhealthy fat pounds gave me back my energy, strength, endurance, brain function, creativity, mood, and vitality!

By restoring my hormones to youthful levels and experiencing the benefits first hand, I was encouraged to continue my emphasis in functional medicine and provide the same body, brain, and life-restoring benefits of expertly delivered hormone optimization therapy and my proven protocol to as many men and women as possible.

Become the scientist of your own health!

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