Hello! I'm Richelle Voth PA-C

I know firsthand the value of equipping patients with immune-supportive therapies to restore optimal health. I am excited to be providing targeted therapies & wholistic wellness strategies to strengthen individuals suffering physically from COVID and/or COVID vaccine-related adverse events.

I'm happy to be working with Dr. Meehan in a collaborative quest for innovative & integrative scientific solutions to address our modern day health challenges. 

Common Covid Long-Haul and/or Vaccine Injury Symptoms:

*Abnormal menstruation or low testosterone
*Difficulty breathing or recurrent cough
*Changes in hair, smell or vision
*Chest pains or dizziness
*Cognitive decline 
*Prolonged fatigue
*Skin reactions
*Anxiety & depression
*Relapsing viral illnesses
*Tremors, numbness or tingling
*Aggressive cancer: new or reactivation

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My Journey

Born & raised as a New York native, I transplanted to Tulsa, OK to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Oral Roberts University. I then obtained a Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies & Public Health from the University of Oklahoma.

Thereafter, I began providing inpatient, internal medicine and critical care (ICU) services across multiple Oklahoman hospitals.  

Early Career

For eight years I continued to serve the Oklahoma community in the practice of hospitalist medicine. At the launch of the COVID-19 pandemic, my principle focus of practice shifted towards treating COVID patients.

Over the next three years, I grew well-versed in the treatment of not only acute-care COVID but also long-haul COVID and COVID-vaccine injuries. I know firsthand the value of equipping patients with immune-supportive therapies to recover & restore their health after COVID-19 sequelae.

The Problem

Working through the pandemic and its aftermath, opened my eyes to novel medical community challenges. Restrictions to early treatment of outpatient COVID-19 therapies, the utilization of unadvantageous inpatient COVID-19 treatments and the missed diagnoses of post-COVID vaccine injuries grew apparent. Patients needed easier access to outpatient medical care, critical thinking provider-patient conversations & integrative wellness strategies that extended beyond prescribing a pill for every ill. 

The Solution

Seeking to align myself with a medical team dedicated to remedying these challenges, I came unto joining MeehanMD. My goal is to equip patients with valuable, personalized knowledge of their own health & return the practice of medicine back to its innovative & wholesome form.

I believe that by honoring our innate scientific design and upholding the ethics of patient-centered medicine, together we will continue to deliver optimal health!